Content Marketing: Ever heard of Speedo?

In the past year, I started swimming. My doctor said I needed to start strengthening my core to avoid problems down the road and recommended swimming as a good, low-impact solution. Unfortunately, after a couple of months, I started having problems with my shoulder.

Annoyed as I was that my “health program” was making me feel worse, I naturally complained to a friend, who informed me I was probably doing my strokes incorrectly. Five minutes later I found a 3-minute video on Google that showed me the proper technique for doing breaststroke without stressing my shoulders. Lo and behold, I was doing it wrong. After implementing the tips from the Speedo-sponsored video, I quickly saw my shoulder problem diminish and eventually completely disappear.

This simple video freed me from my pain and helped me get healthy, and I will never forget Speedo for this. Should they have chosen another advertising form (e.g. a banner on or at my subway stop) I would have never noticed it. Through their clever Content Marketing, however, they got me to go out and buy a Speedo swimsuit. That is what I would describe as the “Interest-Effect” of Content Marketing.

If there is an “Interest-Effect” of Content Marketing maybe there is also a “Compound-Interest-Effect”, isn’t there?

Content Marketing is the Compound Interest in the online universe.

What is compound interest exactly? Well, at your bank, this is when interest is added to the principal of a deposit or loan so that the added interest also earns interest from then on. A bit complicated, I know, especially when trying to explain it with words.

Thankfully, discussing the compound interest accrued through Content Marketing is a bit more simple, without any technical jargon or mathematical equations.

Compound interest is when your investment grows bigger and bigger over time.

Clear, simple, and also accurate.

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