How to get Investors and Customers Excited and to Throw Money at You!

How to get Investors and Customers Excited and to Throw Money at You!

Why do we remember “Little Red Riding Hood” after so many years? Does the name “Mr. Spock” ring a bell?
On the contrary, why do our prospects forget our presentations 10 minutes after we leave their office?
What makes a presentation stick?

Wouldn’t it be great to have the answers to these questions? At least if you wanted to sell something. Oh, you’re not in sales you say? Are you sure?

When was the last time you wanted to persuade your co-worker to follow your lead? Or the last time you wanted your spouse to go along with your ideas? Or the last time you wanted to convince your boss to give into the crazy idea of him giving you a raise?

Here’s the simple truth, these are all sales opportunities. Plain and simple! You want to close the sale, don’t you?

Well, now you can.

It’s Easy, Convenient and Simple to learn. And it has a lot to do with “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Snow White”, the legendary “Mr. Spock” and many other stories that we remember. Good stories stick, while our sales pitch almost always doesn’t. Good stories are remembered, while our sales pitch goes in one ear and out the other. Good stories sell! While our sales pitch doesn’t (most of the time).

So how do we change our sales pitch to convince our prospects and turn them not only into happy customers, but into raving fans?

Well, in short, we need to tell a story!
That’s it, a story will do it!

Oh, you can do that? Great! Everyone can tell a story and a lot of people are pretty darn good at it by nature. Why is it then that we sometimes get what we want and sometimes don’t?

Here are the four elements you need to utilize to build an awesome story which excites, will be remembered and which will be retold many times over.

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