Get More Sales Leveraging Storytelling – The Book

NoStoryNoBusiness Book: Success in sales and marketingSuccess in sales and marketing is a matter of delivering an artfully sculpted story.


If I told you that this book provides the perfect marketing strategy for all your sales problems, would you believe me? Probably not. But can you afford to neglect one of the greatest strategy if you are working in sales and marketing?

What if I showed you a bunch of marketing metrics and sales statistics that proved this? Would this help? Probably, but only if I had the right strategy to keep your attention throughout my sales pitch. Unfortunately, many salespeople do not have the right communication skills or sales training to do this…to keep their customer’s attention. They have the most convincing facts and figures on the market, but lack the strategy to help the customer understand them.

This is exactly why I wrote this book: To help struggling salespeople create marketing strategies and sales pitches that actually make their customers listen. More than that:

This sales method strategically presents the information in a way that makes the customer want and NEED what I’m selling!

In this book, you will follow the path of a salesman in a slump. Despite years of experience, his sales figures had begun to drop off. No one was buying what he was selling. His communication strategy was off. When he got up to speak, no one was listening. His strategy was failing. All he knew about sales, marketing and communication didn’t work anymore.

Then one day he tried a different sales approach. He focused on entrancing his customers, rather than peppering them with boring facts and figures. He began to use stories as his marketing strategy, creating an emotional connection for the customer that facts simply could not.

Once he started using this sales strategy, he often found he didn’t even make it to the end of his story before customers were ready to sign on the dotted line. What’s more, the stories were such memorable marketing instruments, that his customers started re-telling them to their friends and colleagues. This extra word-of-mouth marketing caused his sales to skyrocket with no extra work on his part at all!

This book will teach you how to achieve this same level of sales success. And not only success in sales and marketing but also you can acquire a new level of leadership and communication skills which helps you to succeed to buy and sell at any level.

Relax and enjoy the read.

Your sales figures will thank you later.



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